Monday, June 4, 2007

You Shouldn't Leave Equipment at a Work Site

Our trip this weekend was to Breckenridge and Abilene. If you haven't picked up the trend yet...we are gone every weekend....and it doesn't stop until we move!!

Our first stop was at my grandpa's house in Breck. His 94th birthday was on Friday so we got to celebrate with him! That is right...he is 94. And he still lives at home...with his dog...and still works around the house!! He absolutely amazes me! His mind is still fact he was telling me a story about being on a ship at Pearl Harbor during WWII and he still remembered the names of the guys he worked with! And if it wasn't for arthritis his physical condition would be great as well. I have a lot of Harbison genes in me (my long neck) so maybe I will live this long too. Of course, I want to be this healthy as well!
I thought I would prove that he still works by putting up some pics of him working in his garden. He uses his 4-wheeler to get around because it's hard for him to walk too far. And of course, he had to make somewhere for the dog to ride...and something to keep her from falling out! He can fix or make I said...amazing. Below: The combine & one of the tractors he still uses.

Next, we visited my dad's side of the family in Abilene. It was great to get to hang out with my aunt, uncles, and cousins!! On Friday we cooked fajitas and a long-time family friend came out to visit with her husband and new baby girl! I forgot to get a picture...but we had a BLAST hanging out! Then, on Sunday, the family took us to eat some wonderful food at the Homeplace. (pictured below) If you have ever eaten at Babe's in the Dallas area, or heard us talk about it, it was similar....except buffet style = I ate too much.

Then, we took pics! I have such an awesome family! VERY BLESSED!



Chad and Jodee said...

Thats.....AWESOME! I like the random pics of you getting pulled by your necklace to Kyle! Nice.
Enjoy the time with the family before the big move! We're praying for you guys as ya'll get ready to go!

Paul said...

You DO have a great family! We enjoyed you guys being here and hate the thought of y'all being so far away. I'll be excited to read your blog to see how the Lord works getting you guys there and the blessings he has in store for you at LifePoint.

Who is that REALLY bald guy on Kyle's shoulders???

Lissabeth said...

Yes! My favorite is the last picture. Looks like he just scooped you up, haha!

Brooke said...

Do you really think a long neck will give you longivity in life? If that is the case, my life will be short.