Thursday, February 26, 2009

I made my first trip to Georgia this past week!

Kyle, me, Bob, Martha, Doug, Vange, Dan, and Carolyn had an awesome opportunity to attend the Conference. Thanks, Bob, for taking us with you!!

The conference was great. I learned the following things:
- Our leadership team is already on track with a lot of good things
- Bob is an awesome pastor...his heart and the time he has put into LifePoint was
affirmed for me throughout the conference
- Cool ideas to apply to the youth to connect
- I plan to much and need to put more of my heart in
- Kyle and I are here for something BIG
- The 65,000 unchurched people in this area better get ready

The conference made me excited, focused, and motivated! It took me through a different perspective and I am ready to see the revolution at LifePoint!

And of course...crazy memories must be made!
I originally wasn't going but ended up being able to a couple of weeks we were a little packed into the van. Our first morning Doug decided to ride in the back storage area....and eat his cereal.

For lunch, Bob took us to this Ferguson's Meat Market. It was A-MAZING!!!! For $3.99 we got a ton of awesome food! It's one of those places only the locals know about...thank goodness Bob has been spending some time in Georgia! Since it is a grocery mart and no tables...we just hung out in the van!

(apparently mine had some drugs or something in it)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great time and experience. Glad you got to go!


Brooke said...

Glad you had fun. Love the pictures.

emmy said...

(Martha talking!)We were so glad you could go! I am a little surprised that there was no mention on On The Border! You and I practically inhaled the chips and salsa! It was fun!