Monday, May 28, 2007

Stained Glass

So...this weekend our adventure was to Waco for Kyle to be in a wedding for Brandon Burrows. Through this experience I have decided to take a stand. (this is what happens to me when I sit for an hour at a rehearsal) A stand against "Jesus" stained glass. The chapel where they were married was beautiful...except it had "Jesus" stained glass. As you can see below, the front had potential to be awesome with the organ pipes. Organs are old-fashioned...but they are able to keep their cool factor with the arrangements of their pipes. I like the mosaic idea that can come along with stained glass. That is awesome. But, the Bible stories churches attempt to portray...well...they just freak me out. I don't think of beauty. It makes me want to run out the door. Their attempt to portray Jesus and other Bible characters is disturbing to me. They have weird expressions and pointy chins. And it scares me. The idea is sweet...but I'd rather just hear about the stories. Maybe even have them acted out. But, I am against the stained glass. The pic below doesn't portray the pointy chins as much as the other stained glass did. One wall was full of it...I just failed to take a picture. I personally apologize to Nate. The pointy chins I have spoken of resemble those of your Jesus candles. But, I just had to get it off my my fears.

AND....this is for Bob.....if and when we get a new building for LifePoint...I will have to resign as the youth minister's wife if you or any other leader decides that we need to have "Jesus" stained glass. I just can't take it.


bob said...

Yes I do read this. You are missing the artistic value of the glass. I think our next building will be all glass but with no pointy chins.

Lissabeth said...

Haha! This post makes my day. I am glad someone gets annoyed by things like that, too. No, I've never been freaked out by stained glass, but there are plenty of other things that send me over the edge.

And I have to agree- there is definitely a strong resemblance to those Jesus candles. What do you say we send them a bunch of them nect Christmas?