Monday, October 8, 2007

Celebration & Ferry Rides

This weekend was a nice, long, much-needed weekend for me. We were off from school today for Columbus Day...and the extra day was A-MAZING to have. Plus...someone had the bright idea that our building could put in new units and the air could be turned off because my's the first week of October so it should be plenty cool without air. And heaven forbid we adjust that date since we are having 90 degree days. So Thursday and Friday at school...not fun. It's sad when you have to take your kids outside to 90 degree days just to stay cool. Hopefully this week will be cooler...because it isn't coming back on.

Saturday Kyle and I spent all day watching soccer. First we went and watched Dawson & Griffin play. (the little blonde headed boys I have posted pics of) It was hilarious!!! They are adorable. Afterwards, we went and watched their 2 sisters plus half of our youth girls play their soccer game. It was sooooo hot. I got sunburned. In October. Like it hurts sunburned. Ridiculous. We have pics from the games plus plenty of youth pics. I will try to remember to post some when I get them off the church camera.

Then...Saturday evening was our BIG EVENT!! LifePoint celebrated it's one year anniversary with the first annual Chili-cookoff plus family movie night. The weather wasn't ideal for chili...and I have 24 mosquito bites (unofficially) but it was still a blast!! Everyone seemed to have a great time and the chili was still a hit. Kyle was a judge...and it was hilarious watching him eat the #12 chili...which I heard had peppers in it that will burn your skin off if you touch them. Most of you don't know anyone here...but the winner was Ron Otten...or Otton...not sure. (father of the sextuplets + 2) Again, got pics...will post soon.

To top everything off...Sunday our small group went on a fall outing to a little town (smaller than Weinert) called Brussels. It has this old old old hotel that is now a restaraunt that serves stuff family style. It was a beautiful drive...and you have to ride a ferry to get there...and the food was good...although it didn't hold a candle to Babe's or The Home Place. It was awesome getting to drive along the river. We drove along the town where I teach, Alton, and I had never seen that part! It was gorgeous!! I REALLY bad want to go back in a couple of weeks when hopefully the leaves are changing a little more. I've heard that due to the dry weather they may just all fall off. I will be majorly disappointed if such a thing occurs...but I guess I will survive. PLUS, I went on my very first ferry ride. (pics below) Such a momentous occasion.

Here's our small group: (-Brandon...who took the pic & Bob...who is hidden behind Kyle)

The Mississippi River:


Anonymous said...

Dad and I will be driving through Lake of the Ozarks where the changing leaves are supposed to be beautiful (when we come next week). Hope the leaves are still on the trees! Hope the weather has cooled some!


Chad and Jodee said...

i should have been there. Poop!!!

Brooke said...

Sounds like you had a fun weekend. An extra day off is always a plus. The ferry looks cool and fun. I can't wait for the leaves to change here. They are just beginning now, I really need to take pictures :)