Saturday, March 21, 2009


Tomorrow is our kickoff at Showplace 12!!!

Bob and the leadership team have put so much hard work into planning and preparing for this big move. Greg and Jeff have worked their butts off to get all the lighting, sound, and tech stuff ready to go. And there have been so many other people up at the church all week preparing. It has been awesome to see so many people committed to giving their time to make this happen. I wish I had a lot more pics of what our main room in our building has looked like this week with all the tech stuff. Those guys are amazing!

Our awesome new trailer:

All kinds of tech stuff....this doesn't even do justice showing all the stuff Greg and his crew has worked on this week:

I am pumped about these for LifeKidz!!! I've always wanted one for my house!! :) Maybe I'll steal it during the week! haha


bob said...

(martha talking) It was amazing to be there this week and today and see how much people have done! Bob and I were making name badges for team members that we barely know and they have stepped up and are stepping out for the cause of Jesus to the 65000! It is such an exciting time! Thanks for being up there helping with the Lifekidz stuff!

Brooke said...

I know y'all are soooo excited to kickoff Lifepoint at the movies. Can't wait to hear how successful y'all are!

Laurie said...

You guys are doing such a great job in reaching out to the lost and to God's people. I know there will be lots of great times ahead for you guys.
Just don't like it so much that you decide to never come back to Texas.
You guys get this going good and then the Parkers and Bob and Martha come back to Texas to start a LifePoint here, we need Jesus in Texas too you know. :)
Love you guys and are very proud of you.