Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lone Star State

My trip to Texas this summer was crazy and all over the place, but I got to see alot of my favorite people...which made it WAY worth it! I flew into Dallas because it was cheap and allowed me to spend some great time with Nate & Laci and Mike & Jen! I hitched a ride with the Beals' to Brandi's wedding in Amarillo! She was a gorgeous bride!!

What better way to calm yourself before your wedding than play the Wii?!?!

I was able to stay a few days after the wedding to hang out with my family and go see my grandpa, uncle, aunt, and cousins all in the Abilene area, which was a special treat! In between all that I was able to squeeze in some brief visits with Elizabeth & her family (including her sis, Valerie, & her new baby, Annie!), Kyle's parents & some Plainview friends, and Jodee - who so lovingly allowed our special lunch to be at Chicken Express!! :) I am so lucky to have such great friends & family!!

I didn't go picture crazy (if you can believe it) and I'm kinda bummed! But, my sister and I did decide to take some pics on an old truck that is on my grandpa's land. Here are some of my faves!

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bob said...

(martha talking!) those pics are soooo cute! I love the "Texas" in them! You guys are too gorgeous!