Wednesday, July 4, 2007


We discovered this week that one of the perks to moving to somewhere near a big city is that the firework shows are much bigger and better! Don't get me wrong...I love hanging out with the family and watching shows in Plainview and Tulia. But, I haven't seen fireworks like this in awhile!

On Sunday night we watched fireworks in Edwardsville. We were sitting so close...I thought they were going to land on top of us. It was great.

Then, Tuesday (last night) we went into St. Louis to the arch. Lifehouse and GooGoo Dolls were playing live and then fireworks were shot from the Mississippi River right behind the arch. We had awesome seats! (not so much for the concert...but the fireworks) We were sitting directly below the very middle of the arch. That was pretty cool! It was awesome to experience such new things! I tried to take pictures of the fireworks...but apparently you have to keep the camera really still. Instead, I just put a picture of the arch and Lifehouse.

For today, the actual 4th, we went to a lake about 45 minutes from here. A family from the church had us out at their amazing lake cabin to go boating and watch the fireworks from the water. It was super neat! Kyle and Bob learned to I posted pictures of them below! :)

Basically, celebrating the 4th is much better when done several days in a row!

AND....Friday we leave for Miami to attempt the whole cruise thing again. WOOHOO!

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Brooke said...

I was supposed to go to the lake on the 4th, but those plans fell through...I am very jealous! Kyle doesn't look to be having too much fun wakeboarding, but Bob looks like a pro. I haven't been to the lake in 2 years NOT COOL! You would have been impressed with the Tulia fireworks this year, I think they have been saving up for several years. As for the fireworks pictures, I have awesome ones from our little show. Did you use the fireworks setting?? Mine worked great!