Monday, December 17, 2007

Quick Update

I really appreciate the people that continue to check in day after day to see if we have finally posted again. It has almost been a month but I am FINALLY giving a quick update.

Things have been crazy! After spending Thanksgiving with Kyle's family, we spent a week painting and working on the house. Valinda was able to come back with us and stay a week. (Mike did get to fly up for a few days as well) And my parents drove up a day after us and stayed for about 10 days. They worked SOOOOO hard and did SOOOO much. It would still be a complete wreck without them. I owe them BIG TIME! We still have several things to do but I am hoping by after Christmas it will all be done. I will post pictures SOON! I would today, but I left my camera at home. I am at the Robbins' borrowing their computer. We have not had internet since the move. It should be installed on Wednesday! (woohoo!)

We also have a new addition to the family, Mariah. There will be pictures posted of her as well. By the way, she is a dog.

Other updates....LifePoint is going great! We've had some really cool Christmas stuff going on. To read more about it check out Bob's blog. ( I saw my first real life cardinal today. I'm not that into birds....but it was sooooo cool! I was amazed! (i do have a pic) This weekend we had a good snow. Around 6 inches. Plus no school today. woohoo!

Pictures to come soon!

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Doug said...

I'm so proud of you, bloggy bloggerton!