Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Drained Moses

Guess what?!?! Moses got caught in the Drained Zone! In a sick, morbid way it makes me feel better that the guy God gave the 10 commandments to struggled. It also freaks me out, because holy burning bushes Moses, if I overcome it like he did what will God use me for?!?! (credit to Kyle for phrase)
See Exodus 18:14-24 for this story. Moses was doing good stuff. He was just trying to do way too much on his own, so he wasn't able to be GREAT. Finally, he focused on what God wanted him to do instead of what he & others thought he needed to do.

For all the non-LifePointers, here are the notes I promised from Bob's lesson on how to get out of the drained zone...it's only a Sunday behind. :)

Bob's given remarkable visuals using plates. First, it was the plate spinning. For this lesson Bob demonstrated how we pile on more & more plates (even good stuff) and try to carry the heavy load. Eventually the load is too much and we drop the entire stack and....BOOM!

We should only have 4 plates to carry:
1 - Relationship with Jesus
Most would agree, yet, it's the first thing to go when we are crunched for time
2 - Relationship with Spouse
3 - Relationship with Kids
4 - Purpose

Your career might be a part of this. Basically, stay away from the "someday" disease & get passionate now

No spouse? No kids? That's even less plates you should be carrying!!

If you don't know your purpose, God is being merciful. You probably have too many plates and if He added that plate you would be devasted by the load.

If Moses had not prioritized, who would we be reading about?
Once we get our priorities straight, we wait for what's next.
God is preparing us for what He has prepared for us.

What do we need to give up to hear God?

Real freedom takes real work!

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