Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Dream Zone

I cannot express in words how blown away I am at God's pursuit.

Bob's lesson on Sunday put labels to what I talked about in my last post. That being said, it was a good day for me to have some clarification to where I am right now. It was a bad day because I do not like at all where I am. It was an exciting day because I see God pursuing and working and building.

Bob's Reminder: You can't get to where God wants you to be unless you're willing to admit where you are at now.

I referred in my last post to the up and downs of my passion and mediocracy. I have said for a long time that God wants to break those cycles in our lives, but I haven't truly lived that out in my own life. Deep down I have focused on having great days instead of a great life.

Bob's Reminder: Living in the dream zone (see below) has nothing to do with our circumstances.
Bob's Reminder: God wants us to THRIVE not SURVIVE.

So, he set up a little chart thingy to describe the 3 zones. (scale 10-100)
10-20 = Danger Zone
20 - 50 = Drained Zone
50 - 100 = Dream Zone

Dream Zone:
This is not referring to me being the next American Idol, although we all know I could be.
This is about giving up our dreams for God's incredible dreams for us.
This is the zone I have dipped into here and there. This is the zone I'm determined to live in.
This is going all-in. This is breaking free.

John 10:10b My purpose is to give life in all its fullness.

Danger Zone:
Living with unconfessed sin. Goal is to not get caught.

Drained Zone:
You feel stress, tired, and frustrated a lot of the time. You live life like an energy drink - get fired up & then crash. (to see a visual of this come to my classroom after lunch)
We believe the lie that it will eventually get better. "Once I get through this, I will have more time."
Goal is plate spinning. You keep trying to add more plates. If you continue to add & spin eventually you are left with one option: dropping plates.

Bob's Reminder: You don't always get to choose which plate falls....and shatters. (see LifePoint video for this visual)

Unfortunately, this is where most church people reside. This is where I camp out too much and too often.

If you find the Drained Zone sounding too familiar, 2 things:
1 - Bob is talking about how to move out of this zone next week. Be there or check back for an update!
2 - The book Breaking Free goes so hand in hand with this. Let me know if you want a copy!
From opening prayer in book: "We know, God, that You desire to have the fullness of our lives so You can cause us to live in the victory Your Son died for us to have."

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Brooke said...

Sounds like an amazing series, I wihs I lived closer becuase it sounds just like what I need right now. I would like a copy of that book if you have one. Just let me know, no rush. You the next American Idol...good lord, I better have a recording contract first. Sorry I always have to bring humor to the comment somehow.