Tuesday, May 6, 2008

April Update

Here is a Parker update from the month of April. We seemed to have crammed all the excitement into the last week since all of these events occured on and after April 24.

1 - Kyle made his speaking debut at LifePoint on the 26th.
Him and Bob did a tag-team thing...did a great job! They did get a little ADD
with their jokes....haha!
2 - My parents came to visit. I hadn't seen them since Christmas...and that is the
longest I have ever gone!!! We had a great time!
3 - I got to visit Brooke, in Columbia, with the parentals, which was fun as well!!
This included me seeing Blue Man Group for the 3rd time...they are awesome!!
(Kyle and I saw them in St.Louis a few weeks ago with great LifePointers and we
saw them in Vegas with his family)

4 - A good friend of mine from HS got drafted to the NFL. (Caleb Campbell) He was
pick #218, but he was the most popular late-round pick due to a controversy over
whether or not West Point people should be allowed to serve the military duty in
recruiting. You can click his name below to read a story & see 2 videos.
(scroll down, look left)
5 - Weed pulling is never-ending.
6 - I'm learning what Bob means when he says that God doesn't call us to be
comfortable. It isn't always the easiest thing to follow His will and journey
to great things. Long story, but I get to take 15-18 hours of class this summer.
7 - This is from May (last Sunday)....we had a guitar player, Brandon, get
SHOCKED at LifePoint during 2nd service. He is okay...but it was still crazy &
You can read more about in his words and Bob's words by clicking on their names


Brooke said...

1 - I am sad that we missed Kyle's debut, but these gas prices are getting RIDICULOUS
2 - Yeah for Mom & Dad coming
3 - WOOHOO I felt like I hadn't seen you in ages, and we got a free meal at that football player restruant (AKA D. Rowe's) and a little Blue Man Group
4 - YEAH for Caleb, I think we were all glued to interviews and the TV for several days
5 - Please make sure all the weeds are gone before I come visit, Thanks
6 - No getting around this one, summer school sucks
7 - Oh my goodness, I am glad Brandon is ok :)

Chad and Jodee said...

8. Your jealous of me.


---bh--- said...

i saw the story about the football guy on ESPN... very cool!